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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Little Tree Sprouts

Here is one of my newest creations, Little Pine, he is a little tree sprout and is so keen to grow he has already sprouted his first leaf. One day he aspires to grow into a Forest Giant, and watch over his forest and all the creatures that will find protection in his fine branches. Inside Little Pine has two smooth river stones, this creates a snug weight and also I like the idea that he holds something of natures elements within. Little Pine is a very functional sprout and would make a great desk companion and paper weight. You will find Little Pine and friends in my etsy store Trilogy.

Snuggle Me!!

Early this year I wanted to try something new, I'd been making jewellery for so long I realized I needed to widen my scope of creativity. I began to play around with fabric and felt, and amidst it all something began to emerge from my hands!! You know how sometimes it seems they have a mind of their own!? Little faces began to peep out of the fabric at me with charming cheekiness!
And all of a sudden in a flurry of activity I began designing and making little snuggle friends, tree sprouts and forest people. They charm me with their sweetness and all seem to have a character of their own. Take Mika Pika (above) she is so vibrantly cheerful and full of childlike optimism that it is contagious, then there are others who and gentle and quiet and very trusting. I hope you like my little creations and hope they bring joy to those who need it, or just deserve it! You can see Mika Pika and friends in my etsy store Trilogy. x

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome to Seanook's Blog, where you will find the latest of my amazing handmade jewellery and also ! I am interested in this wonderful life led by the talented people who are commited to Handmade creations, sharing their love and light with the world!